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Legal Documentation

To ensure that your wedding overseas runs smoothly, the following information outlines the requirements of the Greek authorities for weddings to take place in Greece. These requirements must be adhered to completely. Should you not have the necessary paperwork with you when you arrive in Rhodes you will be unable to marry.

Romantic Rhodes will make sure that all the steps are completed and validated fully before the event with your local administration and the Greek authorities.

It is recommended to arrive in Rhodes at least 5-7 days before your wedding day to finalise the paperwork and the organisation.

At the wedding ceremony, a minimum of one witness, (minimum 12 years of age and who may be a relative) should accompany the bride and groom. The witness maybe asked to produce his/her passport at the ceremony. Please note - Witnesses can be arranged locally.

You are required to declare your marriage at the local Registry Office on the second day after your wedding. Romantic Rhodes will be with you to assist in this process.
The paperwork needed
Full A4 Birth Certificate with both parents names - for both bride and groom
Valid 10 year Passport - photocopies are needed for both bride and groom
Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marry - for both bride and groom, obtained from your local Registry Office. This will take approximately one month and cannot be obtained more than three months in advance of the actual wedding day.
Decree Absolute - only needed if either party is divorced.
Deed Poll Certificate - only needed if either the bride or groom has changed their name.
Adoption Certificate - only if either party was adopted
Death Certificate - late partner’s death certificate if either party has been widowed.
Statuary Declaration of Consent - if either party is under the age of 18, this must also be signed and stamped by a solicitor.

Please Note:
As your original documents are held in Rhodes, it is advisable to have your solicitor arrange certified copies of all legal documents other that the certificate on non-impediment. The certificate of non-impediment, together with full birth certificates and any name change documents and decree absolute must be officially stamped (Seal of Apostille) by the The Registration Office, Old Admiralty Building, Whitehall, London, SW1A 2LG, tel. 020 7008 1111. Full information can be obtained at www.fco.gov.uk. The additional fee for this service is £27.00 per document and takes approx 4 weeks to process.