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Ceremony Venues

Whilst specialising in Lindos, Romantic Rhodes are happy to organise ceremonies in other locations around the island. All civil weddings do take place outside of the churches.

Below are some of our most popular locations.

The Church of St Paul's
St Paul's Bay Named after the apostle St Paul, it is claimed that, a bolt of lightening caused the rocks to split, allowing St Paul’s storm tossed boat to reach safety in this beautiful natural harbour. His arrival in AD51 is considered to be the birth of Christianity on the island and has given rise to an annual Festival of St Paul, and celebrated every year on the 28th and 29th June with traditional dance and song and an array of local fare.

The Chapel of St Demetrios
This small white washed chapel stands on the rocky hillside of the Acropolis on the main bayside of the village. This panoramic venue offers a view that just takes your breath away, its location on top of the hill is ideally located close to reception venues such as Rainbird, the Palace beach or even the Hotel Melenos.

The Church of St George
This is the oldest church in Lindos and dates back to the 12th century. Built in a ‘cross-in-square’ style, the church is home to the most treasured and famous Icon of St George of Lindos. The church stands within a walled courtyard with superb views of Lindos Bay and is central in the village.

Ancient Amphitheatre of Lindos

Located at the St Paul’s end of the village, the Amphitheatre stands in the hill of the ancient Acropolis and offers a truly historical backdrop. This setting is ideal for parties with walking difficulties and has easy access to the village.