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Weddings and Wedding Support

Getting married is a big life time decision and if you have decided that an exotic celebration for this special and unique event was the one for you, then Rhodes is the dream island to make it happen.

Romantic Rhodes will take care of all the official documentation
, required paperwork, necessary translations and the logistics of your wedding arrangements. This will leave you free to plan all the other more important details like choosing the right wedding dress and preparing your guest list.

Getting married or renewing vows in Rhodes still requires some work like gathering legal documents to be translated and presented later to the local registry office.(link to legal document requirements page).

Your wedding ceremony will be a relaxed affair lasting approximately 10-15 minutes. The priest will open the ceremony in Greek then proceed to the vows in English: so you know what to do!

Ceremonies usually take place towards the end of the day when the heat is less intense and gives you time to prepare for the big event…
This leads perfectly into a night of wedding celebrations. Now that you know how easy it is to get officially married in Rhodes, visit our wedding and celebration packages and selected venues.